Cornouaille offers a varied coastline with breathtaking cliffs dominating the sea along the rugged coastline of the Cap,
the innumerable south-facing sandy beaches along the gentle streches of shore and many picturesque fishing ports.
It is ideal for all nautical ports : deep sea diving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, angling...

Those who take the smaller roads will discover the beauty of the forests, the many mandering yet graceful rivers
and the legends which are an integral part of Cornouaille. Here traditions are ever present - poems and songs in Breton
and costumed folklore festivals will revive them for you. Lovers of old buildings and remains of the past will be fascinated
by the many diverse forms of architecture they encounter along their way.
As for gourmets, they will appreciate the variety and freshness of the fish and seafood landed every day in Cornouaille's harbours.

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