Tuesday 20 July
  Pays de Plougastel  
  The Pays de Plougastel is part of Cornouaille, and extends to the northern border with Léon. The brightly coloured red, green, mauve and blue costumes of Plougastel Daolas (the region's capital) contrast vividly with the sombre black worn by their neighbours. There are several types of dance: the Gavotte (leading with the right foot) followed by a "bal" danced in pairs and the "Seizen" which is a gavotte d'honneur, and various other dances and games.  

Wednesday 21 July
  Pays Rouzig  
  Pays Rouzig The Pays ROUZIG is divided into two distinct parts - in the northern zone the dances always start their gavotte with the right foot, to a singing accompaniment. To the south of the river Aulne (which marks the north-south border) it is the left foot that always leads, as though to wilfully differ from their immediate neighbours.  

Thursday 22 July
  In the Pays ROUZIG, the Gavotte formation was often a short chain of 4-6 dancers. The Gavotte is rounded off with a "jabadao" and a Gavotte d'honneur. Fisel is a typical region in central Brittany where the dances have a virtuoso quality, and are impetuous and highly technical. The main dance is the Gavotte, danced in chain formation, starting on the right foot, and followed by a fisel "bal" (danced in pairs) and then another Gavotte in double time. The technique special to this area demands speedy execution, with the men kicking their free leg into the air, and the women's equivalent step a rather more discrete movement involving the skirt. We can also cite other types of dance, like the Kost Ar C'hoat, another type of Gavotte with four or five dancers.  


The course is unsuitable for complete beginners. Places are limited to 40 per day. Course : 1-4 days, Monday 19 -Thursday 22 July, 9.30-12.00 and 14.00-17.00 at Ecole Le Likès, Place de la Tourbie in Quimper.

PRICE Short course formula : 400F/4 days Course plus accommodation : 1120F/4 days Festival formula : 1635F from 19-25 July (accommodation is not provided for 25 July)


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