In which we take a look at HB Henriot's potteries
Village d'entreprises : 4,500 visitors on Thursday

Faïencerie H.B. Henriot (Interview)

This year the Festival de Cornouaille has taken the step of changing the local business exhibition so that it is right next to the cathedral, in the Place Laënnec. Right at the heart of the festival, 4,500 visitors daily are welcomed by the top names in the agri-food industry: along with a warm welcome, there are Breton cakes, cider and beer and more...

Local craft workers are interspersed with the other companies to give a better overall picture of the Cornouaillaise economy. Danvez is an association that groups them together, and its president is Gérard Le Strat-Robier. Al Livour Kouer is a keen inventor/creator who wants to bring about a revolution in craft world, similar to the one being experienced on the music scene. The first results of his research on Celtic patterns look very promising, and could bring fresh ideas to the aesthetics of furniture or ceramics.

A few stands further on, Patricia explains the pottery production process at H B Henriot. " Three centuries of history, passion, and know-how at Locmaria on the banks of the river Odet!" The new design "Avel Vor" was created by Philippe Lalys, the "best worker in France" and an employee of Quimper HB Henriot. Every piece of pottery is hand-painted, and so unique...


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