Four lads from Quebec beat the stage to a pulp

Entourloupe (in concert)

Entourloupe yesterday evening took its audience by storm in the marquee on the Theatre forecourt. The stage pulsated for two hours to the rythm of their traditional brand of Quebec music.

Entourloupe's four yound musicians saw their greatest ambitions fulfilled last night on the forecourt of the Théâtre de Cornouaille. Their programme included Quebec melodies inspired by traditional Irish, Scottish, and Breton music, and the group were seemingly unhampered by jet-lag as they had claimed as the concert opened.

There were about 200 people there, all eager to get going. Guitar, accordion, ciolin, six-holde flute, "guimbarde" and harmonica (the list is endless) were rapidly deployed. An introduction to each song helped the audience to understand a bit of the background or story.

Paul Marchin on guitar, Eric Favreau on violin, and Stéphane Landry on accordion all got standing ovations. Daniel Roy was terrific on the guimbarde. The audience's enthousiasm for the group was evident - tapping feet, clapping and two encores ... and they certainly weren't sitting down ...






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