Donal Lunny, Sharon Shannon and Nolweg Casey
Just blown in from Ireland

Donal Lunny (in concert)
Lunny and Shannon (Interview)

In the amphitheatre yesterday the Scottish-Irish evening completely blotted out the disappointing Djura concert of the day before. Bagpipes in the Vale of Atholl pipe band and Scottish dancing were followed by a mesmerising interceltic evening with Donal Lunny, Sharon Shannon and Nolweg Casey.

Accompanied by his group Coolfin, Donal Lunny with his moustache and grey highlights was visibly enjoying himself, completely absorbed in the music, and leaping about like a youngster. This bouzouki pioneer, and a specialist of rapid chord sequences, plunged the 3,500 spectators into a totally Irish ambiance. The party was complete when Sharon Shannon, Dan Ar Braz's guest star, also came on stage.

A shy smile and a leather jacket, her fingers rippling over the keys, Sharon Shannon played numbers written for her by Donal Lunny, and they played a series of traditional airs together. She was playing her favourite little Castagnari accordion - ideally suited to the rapidity of the Irish numbers and taking short-cuts in the melody - Donal had to work to catch up on guitar...

The other guest this evening was the Irish violinist Nolweg Casey. In a long red velvet dress and with blond hair, this tall lady launched into song with her violin... All in all an authentic and heart-felt performance.


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