Apple wine and cider brandy - the festival's brewing contest
The region's best kept secrets

The cider making Committee (Le Comité cidricole de développement et de recherche finistérien et Quimper-Communauté) have organised the seventh regional contest for pommeau (apple wine) and cider brandy produced in Brittany within the framework of the Festival de Cornouaille. Solange Tissot-Le Prêtre an "oenologue" specialising in cider fruit, presented us with these two products which are enjoying widespread success among festival-goers - all are invited to taste and decide on the cider to be "Cornouaille AOC".

Pommeau de Bretagne has been "Appellation Contrôlée" since 1997, It's a sort of mutage between apple juice and Breton cider brandy. Matured in oak barrels, it has a dried fruit aroma about it: prunes and could it be liquorice? Traditionally served as an aperitif, it can be an amazingly good accompaniment to foie gras, melon, or apple tart...

The "Cornouaille AOC" cider is the first Appellation d'origine contrôlée in Brittany since 1996, and also the first French cider AOC. 12 producers in the Cornouaille area make it, subject to the stringent conditions dictated by local expertise: criteria of yield, and effervescence are strictly monitored, for example. Apples rich in tannin are used, and the "Cornouaille" has a very delicate golden orange colour. It's quite a sturdy sort of drink, and has this subtle "bitter-sweet" balance - makes an excellent accompaniment to crêpes, but also to meat and fish.

Le jury du concours et les lauréats.

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