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Celtic rock knocks twice
EV and Armens
EV (Interview)
Armens (in concert)

Fifteen contestants represent their celtic circles
Queen of Cornouaille to be elected Sunday

Traditional crafts fair
Street stalls and festivities in the old Quimper town

50 years ago, he set up the first piping pairs contest
Polig An Dioul : collector of Breton music par excellence
Polig Monjarret (lnterview)

Children sing Breton songs
Breton melodies for youngsters on holiday

La chorale (musical extract)
Véronique Macé (Interview)

Pommeau (apple wine) and cider brandy - brewing competition
A region's closely guarded secrets !

2,000 take part in procession through Quimper
Planned route through the town


Celtic rock at Molly Malone's
Bombarde and guitar frolics
Merzhin (musical extract)

Festival Off programme

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