More than 4 000 spectators for Carlos Nuñez and the bagad Kemper
Star-spangled performance...

Carlos Nuñez with Dan Ar Braz and le Bagad Kemper (sound sample)

Interview with Dan Ar Braz


The stalls were packed out despite a stormy sky on Tuesday evening for Carlos Nuñez. The great guru of Galician music had had the brilliant idea of inviting along the Kemper bagad, as he did on his last album. A musical spatio-temporal ballad ensued in hommage to man's first steps on the moon 30 years ago.

22.20 pm : tension had already been building during the Kemper bagad's pre-performance appearance : the mass of spectators started to clap impatiently in the Place de la Résistance as they awaited the arrival of Carlos the 1st : the king of the gaïta, and the prince of Galician music. Finally he came on stage, dressed in black, red and white, like a sort of musical toreador. His startling good looks were also noted by the pretty young woman presenter, who could not refrain from an aside about his attractive eyes... With an "Alala", he proceeded to give a breath-taking and dreamy performance, backed by idyllic tones of flute and synthesizer. A matador's flourish, and a proud gaïta dance, and the audience were on their knees...


Ronan Gorgiard.


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