Berbers meet Bretons
Tri Yann guests of Dura

Interview with Djura
Interview with Jean-Louis Jossic


This evening Djura will sing in the amphitheatre with guest stars Tri Yann and Khaled. The Kabyle singer invited her friends to a big Berber-Breton party, as one might have a get-together for neighbouring tribes. Both cultures have realised since the 1970's that creativity and separatism are mutually exclusive. "Tri Yann and myself have made World music well before time! This is an artistic initiative and a political step forward". Jean-Louis Jossic is on the same wave-length : "Berber sounds a bit like Gaelic, and some of the Berber tunes are incredibly similar", says Tri Yann's lead vocalist... whose Berber version we will hear more of this evening...

The concert will also bring together classical and traditional music with the international philharmonic orchestra directed by the young kabyle Amin Kouider. In rehearsal, the orchestra's classical musicians and Djura's group have already established a rapport. The Indian singer Sen will also be there. "Whenever I hear an Indian melody I feel as though I'm at home, and I can weave it into my music" says Djura with enthousiasm - (the language of the heart is the one she speaks most of). The concert will end with a song called "L'étranger" (Come on/The hour has come for change/It's time to choose the world/To bring down the barbed wire). Words of hope that Khaled would be the last person to deny...



Breton-Berber rencontre starts at breakfast-time!

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