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More than 4,000 spectators tuned in to "I Muvrini"
The voice of a lost land

I Muvrini (in concert)
Yann-Fañch Perroches (in concert)

The Pont-l'Abbé dance circle makes daily appearances
Vibrant colours in the Jardin de l'Evêché

Festival chief
Jean Michel Le Viol and Roger Le Loupp
Le Président du Festival (interview)

Galicia and Brittany move closer together
Carlos Nuñez and Jean-Louis Hénaff jointly focus

A select audience gives standing ovation for the Bulgarian virtuoso
Neno Koytchev's stunning cabaret
Neno Koytchev (interview)
Neno Koytchev
(in concert)

Roofers enjoy the show
Music and more music - up to the eves of the cathedral

Beautiful evening at the amphitheatre
The bagad Kemper's first appearance
Le bagad Kemper (in concert)



Festival Off programme

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