Carlos Nunez: Tuesday night in the amphitheatre
Virtuoso of the Gäita tuned into Quimper

Carlos Nuñez (musical extract)

Carlos Nuñez (Interview)


This man from Galicia - a virtuoso on both flute and the Galician bagpipes, or "Gaïta" - is perfectly tuned into Quimper and its festival de Cornouaille, in which he performed for the first time at the age of 13. Having taken the festival public by storm in 1998, he is back for the second year running with an ambitious programme.

Carlos Nuñez and his guest performers are going to peform live, and for the first time, the entire contents of his last CD "Les Amours Libres". It took two years to record this album while on tour in various countries, and features Celtic music and flamenco, music from the North and from the South, and stars musicians like Carles Benavent, bass player Paco de lucia, and flamenco guitarist Luis Rubisco.

He is delighted to be playing once again with the Kemper Bagad, having played with them before in the Héritage des Celtes. This bagad is top of its class, with technical prowess and unfailing energy that never cease to amaze. Knowing Carlos' own virtuoso skill and energy, Tuesday's concert is likely to be a creative and intense happening...

Jean-Marc Sochard.


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