Vast audience disappointed by the non-appearance of Khaled
Djura's come-back leaves the audience hungry for more

Djura (in concert)

Photo Vincent Mouchel.

The audience responded well to Djura's invite but the nosh was not up to standard... Lots of brilliance, and lots of gloss, but also a big vacuum. And the absence of Khaled added to the disappointment.

Djura came to sing for freedom, and the crowd welcomed her, but her performance was a bit of a disappointment. A na´ve stage set, and tinselly costumes did not help. At the outset, all appeared to be normal; a certain oriental charm, but it rapidly transpired that preparation for the performance had been a trifle hasty. Djura moved forward in regal fashion, swathed in shimmering garb - red and gold, the sunshine of Maghreb - a story-teller from the other side of the Mediterranean sea. In the cool climes of this Breton evening she did indeed bring warmth.

She sang, and her voice rose in a wounded cry as she entoned a popular old military march. Among the audience bottoms started shifting, and feet shuffling. They'd been led to expect a sumptuous show. The substantial orchestra included an oriental strings section and was directed by a young conductor 30 years old, but is the Djura of yesterday the same as the Djura of today? Beautiful dancers, but a rather flat on the chorus front - they are certainly good-looking, but is that enough?

Djura loves Brittany, and says so. She invited Tri Yann among others on stage to share the evening's performance. Here too, the preparation of "duo" performances was a bit casual, and the result diappointing.

Djura told us about her country but without really sharing its soul. The audience however, were willing followers, and showed their appreciation. The cake had seemed tempting, but the last minute cancellation by Khaled really made the whole thing rather unpalateable.


Michelle Sénant.

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