An accordian player from Plomelin under the spotlight
Delphine Perron elected Queen of Cornouaille

Interview with the new Queen

At 16.30pm this afternoon, a new Queen of Cornouaille came forward to greet the audience in the amphitheatre. A smiling first appearance for Delphine Perron, 18 years old, from the Plomelin Celtic circle.

Stéphanie Moulin, from the Plougastel-Daoulas circle, is First lady of honour. Tiphaine Tanneau (right), Reine des Brodeuses from Pont-l'Abbé, is the Second lady of honour.

Bernard Poignant, mayor of Quimper, and Jean-Michel Le Viol, President of the Festival, came to congratulate the new ambassadress for Cornouaille.


Karine Thomas, Queen of Cornouaille 1998, congratulates Delphine.


Delphine has been playing diatonic accordion for five years, and has had a fantastic time over the last week at the festival. She has been to concerts given by the greatest accordion players, and has taken part in various short courses, notably with Alain Pennec. It was a week that ended in personal triumph...

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