50th anniversary for this major piping contest
Bodadeg Ar Sonerien, the gathering of the Pipers

Saturday saw some great musical moments at the occasion of the piping contest. At the Village d'Entreprises the B.A.S. hosted some very special guests, many of them active in the revival of Breton music:

- Polig Montjarret, collector par excellence of Breton music
- Loeïz Ropars, creator of the Kan Ha Diskan singing contest
- Alan Stivell, Plume de Paon in 1967 and 1968 with Youenn Sicard
- Bob Haslé, President of the B.A.S.
- Martial Pezennec, B.A.S. - Jean Coroller, Festival
- Jean Michel Le Viol, President of the Festival de Cornouaille
- Guy Le Roux, Festival committee member


"- We wouldn't be around this table if Polig hadn't done all that he has done!" says Loïez Ropars.
"- Loeïz invented the singing contests "kan ha diskan" at Poullaouen, a region with a rich stock of traditional songs, and it was he who asked me to judge one of these contests in the first instance", replies Polig.
"- Our objective is to bring back a culture which was almost lost to us all", asserts Alan Stivell.
Jean Michel Le Viol brought this emotive exchange to a close as follows :
"- Heartfelt thanks to all those who contribute to our thriving music revival movement : Polig, Loeïz, Alan…"



The "Plumes de paon" awards for the best piping pair takes place on the B.A.S. stand in the presnece of many laureates from previous years, right back to 1949...

Prizewinners : Plume de Paon Couple Braz 99 (oboe, bagpipes "braz") : Goulven Hénaff and Stéphane Riou. The Hervé Le Meur trophy, Braz category : Goulven Hénaff and Stéphane Riou. So these two received both prizes, and with great gusto!


The day ended with an extraordinary scene, with all the "Plume de Paon" laureates since 1949 invited to pose for the cameras and a souvenir photo in front of the Musée des Beaux Arts.

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