4,000 spectators came to see Abadenn Veur
A thousand dancers and tearful queens

In scorching sunshine, 4,000 spectators were there to applaud Abadenn Veur.

In front of 4,000 spectators and in scorching sunshine the one thousand dancers surpassed themselves this Sunday for the Abadenn Veur "traditionnel". It ended with the Queen of Cornouaille being elected, and the Gradlon trophy awarded to the Pont l'Abbé circle.

The stage at la Résistance on Sunday shook under the leaping feet of one thousand dancers, with 4,000 on lookers and 30 degrees in the shade. Umbrellas, hats, and caps plus highest sun cream "factors" were all brought to bear on the situation as the dancers sweated it out, and though slightly wearied by the procession, they gave their best.

Saint-Pol, Malville, Rennes and Rostrenen led the dancing. The bigouden suite performed by the Pont l'Abbé dance circle and the Dardoup by the Spézet circle were roundly applauded.

Brittany champions Eostiged de Kerfeunteun surely stole the show for virtuosity. Jumping and bouncing and almost flying out into the crowd, they really got the crowd going, and when the suite came to a halt and Julien waltzed a few steps, there were several among the young ladies watching who would have dearly taken the place of his partner.

Another good moment was the Pourlet suite performed by the Crouësty circle. " Your attention please!", the commentator informed us of a spectacular dance about to begin. Jumping up and clicking together their clogs horizontally, this dance was indeed a very impressive sight.

It was an emotive moment when the newly elected reine de Cornouaille, Delphine Perron came forward, calm and smiling, to receive the crown from the hands of the mayor Bernard Poignant to the accompaniment of cries from the Plomelin circle members : "Delphine ! Delphine !"

Stéphanie Moulin from the Plougastel-Daoulas circle and Tiphaine Tanneau, of the Pont-l'Abbé circle, seemed delighted. But a few runners up had a job holding back tears. And as for the young dancer from the Ar Vro Bigouden Pont-l'Abbé circle called up on stage to receive the Gradlon trophy, she literally cried with joy. Fortunately for all, everyone joined in the final dance of a thousand "danse des Mille" and this gave everyone the chance to smooth ruffled emotions.

Ondine Millot.








The Pont-L'Abbé circle, with its fabulous costumes and its large number of dancers took home the Gradlon trophy for the best trophy for the best performance

Once the Reine de Cornouaille had been elected, the mayor of Quimper presented the Gradlon trophy to the trophy to the Pont-L'Abbé circle; it was a signed and referenced china jug from the Henriot potteries.

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