Course tutor : Françoise LE VISAGE
Gold medallist in D.P.S for Celtic harp at the E.N.M in Lorient..
  For several years now, Françoise LE VISAGE has aligned herself with traditional Breton music, with the aim of adapting the repertoire for the Celtic harp while repecting to the utmost both style and current practice.

Course content : Breton music (North and South Brittany)
- Adapting fingering and technique to the phrasing and style of selected pieces
- Basic harmony and style in arranging breton music
- Ensemble approach for several harps

Course details : 4 days 19-22 July from 9.30-12.00 and from 14.00-17.00 at the Espace du Théâtre de Cornouaille for the accordion, at the Likès for harp and flute. This course is suitable for non-beginners, and particularly for harpists with 2-4 years' experience.


  Course tutor: Hervé GUILLO
Flute player for Storvan, ex-member of the Vannes and Bleimor Bagadous.
  Hervé GUILLO currently plays for the Saint-Malo bagad and in the bombard group ORTOLAN. He teaches traditiional music at Saint Malo (Scottish bagpipes, bombarde, and wooden flute).

Course content : The wooden flute course teaches posture and breathing, plus ornaments, and Breton and Irish repertoires.

Course details : 600F for the 4 days. With accommodation : 1320F/4 days. Festival-goers formula : 1735F from 19-25 July (accommodation for 25 July not included).


  Al Leur Nevez
organised by Al leur Nevez

The Association loi de 1901, founded in 1964 seeks to bring together different generations to transmit the Breton language, song and dance. Registration either at the festival itself, or at Al Leur nevez, 1, rue Hélène Boucher, 29000 QUIMPER, Tel Internet : www.multimania.com/alleurnevez

Tutors : André LE MERCIER is ex-teacher and inspector for the Breton language, and was chief of the Breton publisher "Brud Nevez"; Erwan BRENN teaches at Per-Vari KERLOC'H, and is Breton himself; Jefig ROPARS also teaches and is Breton, Hervé DANIELOU teaches Breton and likewise Loiez ROPARS.

Course content : The course in Breton language and culture this year includes conversation, spoken Breton, conference speaking, plus traditional song and dance workshops.

Course details : Suitability : Any age, any level.
Length : 5 days from 19-23 July 10.00-12.00 and 13.30-17.30 at the school "Likès", Place de la Tourbie.

Course cost : 300F/5 days With accommodation : 1075F (accommodation 24 July not included)
Festival formula : 1435F 19-25 July (accommodation 25 July not included)


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