Course tutor : Patrick CADEILLAN

Monday 19 July - Thursday July 22

Patrick Cadeillan comes from Gascony, a region where life's pleasures contrast starkly with a certain coarseness. If you listen to Patrick play accordion, you can sense the tenderness and generosity native to this area of France, which also characterise his playing. He plays diatonic accordion, specialises in occitane music, and used to play with the well-known group called "Perlinpinpin Folk".

Course subject: The course will be tailored to individual requirements, while focusing on repertoire, the style native to the south-west of France, and study of technique in relation to rondo and congo type melodies, polkas, scottish, etc... but other styles will also feature, for example trikitixa, Tex-Mex.

Accordians in G/C with 3 rows of keys, and players at any level welcome.


  Course tutor : Alain PENNEC

Alain PENEC's musical career has been dedicated over 25 years to Celtic music, playing oboe, bagpipes, and diatonic accordian, while at the same time acquiring various musical qualifications and making numerous recordings.

Course subject : Exploration of different styles through listening. Technique, fingering, ornaments, phrasing and arranging are all part of the coursework, designed to provide an approach to Breton music for the diatonic accordion.

Equipment sought : Base accordion in G/C, tape recorder.


  Course tutor : Patrick LEFEBVRE

Patrick LEFEBVRE plays both diatonic and chromatic accordion, is champion of "Bretagne d'Accordéon diatonique" twice over; and specialises in the "Gavotte Montagne" repertoire. Member of the group called "La Godinette" with Jean Baron, Christian Anneix and Pierrick Lemou.

Course content : Playing by ear exclusively. Listening to traditional songs and accordion music, coursework will focus on the style of the Gavotte des Monts d'Arrée (and in particular, phrasing). Diatonic OR chromatic accordion in G/C.

  Course tutor : Conor KEANE

This Irish accordionist from Clare county arrived only recently in Brittany, and is heir to a rich family tradition, notably having taken part in "Four Men and A Dog", "the Galway Shaskeen".

Currently plays with Gilles Servat and "Tullamore Du". Couse content : Technique and traditional Irish repertoire.

  Course tutor : Ronan ROBERT

An ex-member of Carré Manchot, Cocktail Diatonique, and Vertigo, Ronan ROBERT currently plays with a variety of groups including Burn's Duo and Ronan Robert Réunion.

He also accompanies the singer Morwenna and the story-teller Gigi Bigot. Ronan ROBERT has the diplôme d'Etat de professeur de musique traditionnelle, and is an experienced course tutor.

Course content : This course is aimed at accordionists who have acquired independence of the right and left hands. Style and accompaniment will be the main themes.


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