the accordion

Although complex, and often isolated, as an instrument, the accordion is France's best loved sound. Made up of 1500 parts on average, the accordion works more or less like a harmonica. The keys activate copper reeds, which in turn allow the passage of the blown air. Other reeds come into play, and their vibration produces the famous tone with its unique timbre. It results from a combination of sounds - the note's own air passage plus another one in the lower registers, and the resulting sound resembles that of the concertina. The right hand plays the melody while the left hand manages the accompaniment. The instrument is tuned using a file, a scraper, a spatula, and a very good ear! It features in numerous musical traditions, and is the star instrument for this year's festival, the symbol of the last century celebrating the arrival of the new one....

musical extracts

Donal Lunny

Stage d'accordéon

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