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The orchestrator of the grand procession

Raymond Le Lann features widely in the Festival programme, for it is he who brings together all the participants, and notably the dancing and singing events. Throughout the week he directs numerous workshops, but he is best known as the orchestrator and leader of the grand procession in traditional costume. Raymond is a very busy man. But he doesn’t let it show. He is a model of patience.
Every day, he directs the children’s dance workshop, and throughout the week he takes on the challenging job of teaching 15-20 dances to a group of 150 adults and 80 children. He also organises the tavern at the Bishop’s Palace and sings every day at Saint-Mathieu with Alan Pierre.

Just this would be enough for most people, but these are in fact only the extra-curricular activities in the life of a member of the Festival Committee. His main job is to lay the groundwork for, and then ensure the smooth execution of, the procession.

« In this area, I depend on the collective experience of the festival. We decided to present mainly costumes from Cornouaille. Some collection pieces are used, but this is exceptional. There are also costumes that are specially made up for the occasion. One costume can take up to one hundred hours of work. We try to incorporate as many life themes as possible, such as marriage, work, mourning etc. » In all, two hundred people will be dressed up for two hours in these legendary costumes...and all this bears the unmistakable stamp of.........yes it’s him again, Raymond Le Lann...

Jean Romer


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