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Black-Label Zone and Matmatah

Heart-felt anticipation, as for a football match, preceded this long-awaited event, in which two very distinct Finistère groups were to play together the brand of celtic rock fast growing in popularity at the moment in Brittany.
On one side, amateurs, and on the other, professionals. Kilts and bagpipes from Briec started out with their beating drums, while Black-Label Zone, who practice at home « chez eux », started off with a very slow-moving number...They strung the audience along for quite a while, and as the tension mounted, some 6000 people waited expectantly for the inevitable outburst. It came. The percussion went wild, as the group of seven in black hats and sunglasses played « Blues Brothers ».

An electric storm ensued, with sound unfolding in a blaze of colour. The bagpipes launched into sambas and reggae. Scottish tradition was lost to view in the storm. The overall effect, and the one that will be remembered, was that of a big broom-sweep for the Festival de Cornouaille, and for Brittany, and the impression that renewal and renaissance are inevitable and ongoing.
« The Lann Bihoué hard core couldn’t believe their ears when they heard us for the first time about a year ago. We’ve adapted traditional techniques to the sound of rock » explains Michel, the group’s bass guitar player. We won the gamble. The style has unfolded, roughly, but another bonus has come out of it - closeness.... » Musically, the group demonstrates great professionalism, and in human terms, approachability, and this has seduced the public. The excitement in the audience could scarcely rise any more when Matmatah came on stage. But this youthful audience were carried along on a tide of good feeling, and the group from Brest arrived on stage to an energetic welcome with all the amphitheatre in full voice, and success was total. To celebrate at the end, Matmatah invited Black-Label Zone back on stage for a last armoricain « bœuf ». Without pomp or ceremony, a sense of great triumph, and most importantly, a sense of the forward progress of Breton music.


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