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Chantent les landes du monde

« One would really like to imagine a united world ». Stivell the creator, and the emblem of Celticism rediscovered and open to all cultures, casts a moment of revelation over the amphitheatre. It is he who has given the impetus to a whole generation of Breton musicians walking in his footsteps. His voice is limpid, ethereal, and sure of itself.

« Douar » the earth, is a planetary village in Brittany, as it is in Morocco. The men on this earth breathe the same air that a musical identity brings alive. Let it be proclaimed on high : « We have to get on together, we have to live together »....
His singing is supple, serene, in counterpoint to the sound of the harp echoing from the walls of the world. The musicians reply discreetly. It is the song of the earth, the song of water unbounded, the « benediction of love ».

Alan Stivell’s music undulates, glides, and dies like a wave. The audience is captivated by the magical voice which awakens folk memories from Brittany’s misty moorland, and then escalates to the rest of the planet, its message borne by the little people out to the universe. But Alan Stivell is not only a myth. He is the ever advancing future for a Breton music which brings together all Celtic influences. Rock, hip-hop, techno : the mingling sounds may be disturbing, may sometimes clash.

Bagpipes and rustic bassoons rise to the challenge of a style of music new - even revolutionary to them. The hushed spectators, until now riveted to their seats in silent respect, begin to betray their presence, clapping yet waiting for the smallest signal from the revered composer. « You are a bit shy. Mind you, I can understand. I am very shy myself» admits the festival’s most sought after and revered guest. The musicians strike up the Breton hymn. And across the roofs of the world, thanks to the voice of their master, all those present feel themselves to be part of, and at the very heart of, the Breton music revival...

Jean Romer


Le "Breiz Ma Bro" version STIVELL...


Extrait du dernier album "Douar".



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