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Scarlette, not just a film-star...

Scarlette, not just a film-star... Le Corre. Profession: fisherperson. Distinguishing features: small, resilient, and a fiery and rock-solid character. This West Armorican has many faces, much- photographed, and is responsible for innumerable slogans, such as « bar de ligne » (hand fished sea bass...)...

Did I say fisherperson ? Solo captain is more like it. This housewife from Le Guilvinec is the only French woman to have taken on the sea single-handed since 1983, which rare distinction must surely have won her numerous positions of responsibility in a male domain.
« My lack of availability has forced me to give up a lot of important functions in the profession" » she asserts . But she is still vice-president of the Caisse Nationale des marins-pêcheurs, and is also masterminding a partial reconversion of the fishing industry in Brittany. Exemplary courage ! « I frequently tell politicians that I’m very happy to be on « the other side of the fence » - that way I can criticise them, and above all, speak the truth. »

Scarlette owes her christian name to her father, who was called Scarling, (Wagtail in Breton). He was involved in fishing too, and in cuisine and seaweed... Her mother came from a Vendéen farming background. A training in aquaculture, and a research trip to Japan, and Scarlette became passionate about Wakamé, the up-and-coming name in seaweed.
She started producing prepared dishes such as Monkfish roe with wakamé, seaweed « tartare », sea beans, and seaweed cake. Up at 4.00 am, out to fish, and then to market. Lunch takes but a few minutes. Admin takes up the afternoon, before returning to fish late afternoon. Supper, and then seawards again to lift the nets. To bed at midnight. Scarlette’s day seems like an army training exercise from start to finish. For her, it’s normal - a fisherman’s life, with running a company and a family life thrown in, and then being a star as well... you have to admit, it’s pretty impressive....

Jean Romer


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