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Breiz-Brazil - curdled mayonnaise

Festival goers found Breiz-Brazil an experience of contradictions - water and fire, and sweet and sour.. A culture clash ? « No, a meeting of cultures » replied the show’s creator André Mouret, at the outset of our interview. « To say that there was a connection between these two communities would be abusive », he explained. And then immediately contradicted himself, saying « there was real fusion between Breton and Brazilian soloists ».

In Capoeira, martial arts and african choreography were juxtaposed to pay tribute on the one hand to Brazilian tradition, and on the other to Breton folk-lore. On stage, both were there, but the performance lacked warmth, and a real presence, with musicians lost in the background. The public were not convinced.

As for the dancing, Brazil was faithful to its own genre, with exhuberant movement and colourful costumes. Brittany appeared on its side, rigid and soul-less. The retreating backs of the audience at the end signalled a certain disappointment...







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