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" The Legend of Lairig "

In this original Lairig production musicians came together from all over just to meet and play - the result was a totally different musical evening, and a novel musical experience for an audience of 200.
The show started with a jazz group consisting of guitar and percussion. This was followed by the Ceili Quartet : the resonant tones of four Breton bagpipes ("Bombardes") resounded through the Jardin de l’Eveche and beyond.
Then all the musicians gathered on stage and tradition was turned upside down as Dominique Delahoche on trombone and Mathieu Dalle on double bass played traditional Breton bagpipe tunes, while the bombards themselves, to Yann Loic Joly’s accompaniment on the accordeon, and Erwann Ropars on bagpipes, started playing jazz.
The startled audience ended up being totally won over by this new phenomenon which retraced the life of Arnaud Ciapolino : a journey full of encounters with a kaleidoscope of musicians. A remarkable marriage of musical styles, and particularly appreciated by one flute player who described it as « a journey through traditional Breton and Scottish music, and jazz ».







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