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Didier Squiban : sea-breezes over Mont Frugy

Salty flurries emanating from Didier Squiban wafted over some 1000 people assembled at the foot of Mont Frugy. Armor Lux, the festival, and the Chamber of Commerce sponsored this show for the pianist Didier Squiban from Molène, accompanied by two of Brittany’s most original vocalists.

Yann-Fañch Kemener is currently working on a third album with Squiban, and with Manu Lann Huel, Squiban recently recorded a public performance of music from the islands. An opening chiming chorus was followed by a dreamy piano solo, and then a « swing » type of dance. Squiban’s style is based on traditional tunes which are overlaid with his personalised jazz interpretation.

The resplendent voice of Yann-Fañch introduced echoes of Breton music : he started the concert with « Enez Eusa », and here it became apparent that the Résistance amphitheatre may not have been the ideal setting ! .

As a performer, Squiban is not just a solo artist however. He leads An Tour Tan, which was set up during Brest ’96 and brings together big names in Breton music, and he amply confirmed during the course of the evening this breadth of range. Squiban’s « big band » carried the audience with it right up to the final explosion of light and colour. A leading guest singer, Stéphane Eicher, with whom Didier Squiban is currently working on various projects, also joined in the show. The only disappointment was the low turn-out for this spectacular production.





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