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Brittany-Buenos Aires : Yeux de Breiz and the Argentinian tango


Sometimes a chance meeting can turn out to be the relationship of all time, and when Brittany's Bouch Du and Argentina's Cuarteto Cedron got together, it seemed to be so... This chance encounter took place in the Bishop's Palace gardens. Eight instrumentalists in arc formation seemed to scatter their notes about the tree-tops and the roofs in a large bubble of sound...

A subtle and poignant confluence of two worlds, normally disparate, and yet together making perfect music.
The deep and disjointed accents of the tango made an amorous elegy for a Brittany stripped of its usual austerity by Yann Dour. With a clear voice and a sensitive touch on the accordion, he responded to the argentinian score with unaffected naturalness. Brittany comes over as the feminine one, a charmer, singing of impossible love affairs - those of its legends. Cornouaille is reminded of an almost meiaeval romanticism.
While Buenos Aires on the other hand played straight-to-the-heart with the warm and serious voice of Juan Cedron. A beautiful and classical story recounted by violins, cello, and oboes. But like all good stories, it is elusive... The audience of 400 were transported with delight - beguiled, and lost to heaven...




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