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Yann-Fnch Perroches: accordion, double-bass and percussion

On Thursday at the Theatre de Cornouaille the Yann Fach trio played Breton tunes, a march from the Shetland Islands, and other compositions. The musician from Skolvan played Pourlet gavottes and marches from the Redon area, while the double bass of Gildas Bocl, a Breton jazz musician, replaced Thierry Moreau on the cello.

Dominique Molard on percussion gave un unrivalled performance with indian and Syrian percussion instruments, scottish drums, and the Brazilian "caixixi". Against the brilliant scenario of bells, percussion and double bass, the accordion played softly as it led the dance. Inspired by the technique of playing the indian "tablas", the nimble fingers of the percussionist rivalled those of Yann-Fanch Perroches in dexterity: "When he does a trill on the accordion, I follow suit, or I try to anticipate the ornaments on the accordion" explained Dominique Molard. Only one hundred spectators were at the concert, accordion lovers having evidently been lured to the Brittany-Argentina attraction which was taking place at the same time elsewhere. And with the sky clearing, there was the promise of a beautiful evening outdoors for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Keltia. Yann-Fach Perroches of Skolvan also took part in the big party at the end of the evening.

Refer to this accordion player's own Website for information about this famous group's traditional musical activities:



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