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Jean Baron and Christian Anneix
Totally new, and totally Breton. An anthology of Breton music to celebrate 25 years of happy sonority between the bagpipes of Jean Baron, and the biniou-koz of Christian Anneix: the two men decided to put together a collection of Breton music including marches, tunes and dances from all over Brittany.

This new offering includes all the items they have ever recorded. Arranged by André le Meut, the themes range over infinite varieties of regional instruments : biniou-koz, bagpipes, Breton bagpipes, flute, accordion, violin, guitar...
Some 110 pieces represent the various corners of Brittany. This anthology, distributed by Keltia, marks the end of an oral tradition of music in the region. "We did it all by ear", remembers Christian Anneix.

Unforgettable violin from Perrick LEMOU.
Keltia has focused on the ancestral and traditional elements of this violin-accordion partnership. "The violin appeared in Brittany in the 15th century" Pierrick Lemou told us. But it was displaced at the end of the 19th century by the diatonic accordion. For my part, I've always been attracted by the Basse-Bretagne repertoire, and the pays Gallo. It is often commented that Breton music is simple and repetitive, but around a theme of one or two notes, a violin can achieve great variety in improvisation."



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