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Everybody was there

The entire family of Breton music united on one stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Keltia-Musique, and to pay tribute to its founder Hervé Le Meur who had been a paternal figurehead to all its members until his death in 1996. Hervé Le Meur was President of the Kemper Bagad, and a director of BAS (the federation of ringers), and remained faithful to Breton music throughout his life, and even in the 1980's when it lost popularity for a time.

The Bagad Kemper concentrated their thoughts on their former leader as they played the concert's opening number - a brilliant dance which was performed by the Mederien Penhars.
Countless artists paraded on stage in a series of very brief appearances. Many were stars, like Servat, Yann-Fañch Kemener, Annie Ebrel. Others were less well-known, like the singers from the Ile de Sein who were there to perform with Louis Capart in a wonderful rendering of "Marie-Jeanne Gabrielle".

There was so much to see and hear - sea shanties sung by the sailors of Cabestan, the jokes of the Goristes, the group Orion who have just brought out a new recording on disc, the Triskell harps, and Sedrenn, Patrick Mollard on bagpipes, Skolvan, and groups Skeduz and Baron-Anneix - it would be impossible to list everyone - there were about 170 in all, and an extraordinary demonstration of talent reflecting the scale of the achievement of Keltia over all the years.

The audience were in raptures, needless to say. They numbered around 3 or 4,000 either seated or standing around the front of the stage. The "fest-vraz" started very quickly. Immediately after the Kemper Bagad had finished, the Ours du Scorff made the audience laugh and sing, and the whole event turned into one gigantic party which went on through the night.
After 3 hours of concert, the 170 musicians had gathered on stage, and it was the first time in the festival amphitheatre that the evening finished with a Fest noz.


Skolvan sur scène...


Me zo gannet e kreiz er mor...

Me zo gannet e kreiz er mor, teirleo er mez,
Eun ti-ig gwenn e-tal an nor,
Hag al lann c'ho-lo en anvez,
Mezo gannet e kreiz er mor, e bro ar-vor.

Va zad aoa, vel e dadou, eur martolod,
Beved en deus kuz ha diglot,
Ar paour ne gann, den e glodou,
Bemdez bem noz var ar mor blod,
Va zad a oa vel e dadou, stlejour rouedou.

Va mam ivez a laboura, a gwenn e bleo,
Ganti ar c'hwez var on talou,
Desket am euz bihannig tra,
Medi ha tenna avalou.
Va mam ivez a laboura, d'hounit bara.

music by Jef LE PENVEN



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