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Karine, the Queen of Cornouaille

Karine Thomas has a radiant smile. She is a young dancer of 18, from Faou, and has just been elected Reine de Cornouaille.
« This is an important event for me, and also for my circle the Bro Ar Ster Goz » in which she has danced since its creation in 1990. «To begin with, I went along just to accompany some friends. And then I got bitten, and decided to invest more in it. »
For Karine, this afternoon in July will remain in memory as an emotional moment. Being chosen Queen of Cornouaille means also accepting a commitment to promote Breton culture. Karine considers the Festival de Cornouaille to be an excellent thing. It enables dancing circles to meet and dialogue with each other, and so to keep tradition alive.
Like the others who aspired to this title, she had to produce a written piece to do with the culture of her particular area. « I chose the port at Faou as my theme, and through it, I discovered a lot of things. » And Karine, who is studying languages, now has one wish : to learn Breton.
To represent Brittany, Karine will be accompanied by two maids of honour. Myriam Colin, who dances with the Ar Banal Aour circle from Bannalec. As for Nathalie Dezothez, she represents the Korollerien circle from Benodet. « This title is very important for me because it is the reward for all the work we have done to launch our circle, which is only two years old. »
Today, all three are firmly committed to carrying the Breton colours on high...


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