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The Gathering of Douarnenez 96, a celebration of boats, a celebration of sailors

The port excitedly awaits the colourfull arrivals

These great moments are also available in print between 17 and 20 July.

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Fleur de Lampaul is taking on the sea of adventure

The youngsters wake up to the tantilising smell of coffee and fresh baguettes in the wardroom of «Fleur de Lampaul». The blue hull rocks calmly in the sun. A little higher up, the skipper, Jacques Doublier, washes down the deck. This is the last day of the festival.
Either this evening or tomorrow, the schooners and the three-masked small boats will be out to sea again, leaving behind them a trail of adventure. Such an incredible story of sailing boats, saved from being used for scrap or simply forgotten; one such story being that of the Fleur de Lampaul, based today at Yeu Island.
Over the years this ship has coasted along the Breton coasts between Molène and Ouessant. Containing in its hold, wine and other provisions for the islands grouped together out at sea. Bought back in the eighties, the old sailing boat transports children today. It makes as much noice as the sea gulls and thus rejuvinates the old oak skeletons.

«Selected young people are introduced to sailing. They learn about the sea's environement, and other cultures too. We've even sailed in the Amazon. They took photos, and spoke of their experiences,» explains Jacques Doublier.
Amazing trips of between three to six months. With the help of the sailors the little ship boys learn how to hold their own and to be on board the deck in all weather conditions.

For further information please contact : Société Archipel, 25 rue de la Victoire, 85350 Ile d'Yeu. Tél (33)+51-58-30-75.
Fax: (33)+51-59-26-26.

The tug-boat L'Abeille carries Christian Radich, the three masked norwegian boat at the regatta between Brest and Douarnenez.

La Cancalaise, a «bisquine», from St. Michaels Mount Bay.

« We always thought that cider was the wine of Britanny », explain Yves Sailiou and Pierre Seznec. With a cooper, they make cider and brandy to be enjoyed with pancakes and galette biscuits.

L'Etoile, one of the schooners belonging to the french navy in a regatta in the port of Brest.

Movement on board the Lehmkul, a three masked norwegian boat, at the Regatta between Brest and Douarnenez.

Jean-François Dine made use of his five years of unpaid holiday by sailing from Orénique to the Amazon on board his boat His adventures are retold in the book,
«Orénique-Amazone » published by Eau d'automne.

Eric Tabarly with Pen-Duick, simply sailing for pleasure.

The Pride of Baltimore. Baltimore and her inhabitants should be proud of their schooner. The first sank. The second has shown all the perfect qualities since the Brest regatta.

From Brest to Douarnenez, the Rose charmed all old sailing boat lovers. The american sailing boat sails here in Brest's port.