On Line

The Gathering of Douarnenez 96, a celebration of boats, a celebration of sailors

The port excitedly awaits the colourfull arrivals

These great moments are also available in print between 17 and 20 July.

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Internet in the service of unemployed seamen.

French sea produce is experiencing some very stormy weather, high sea storms you might even say.
The fishing boats are disarmed and the sailors are empty handed. It seems that the economy and the ocean have conned their workers somewhere along the line.
All in the same boat : the sailors are like fish out of water, there is much gossip going on about the situation. Time's are certainly very hard.
Since 1989, we have found about a thousand marinal jobs, explains Roger Craon on the deck of the Recouvrance. This, however isn't enough, we have to really open up our doors, start up contacts abroad. After the start of the new school year we will be sending out CVs in English of our members onto the internet.
Shipowners on the other side of the world will be able to get in touch with us.

This cook is definitely not giving up, he aswell as others is managing to enjoy the festivals in his present situation, having been unemployed for two years.
The finances aren't looking good, and my wife is expecting a baby.
With his two hands the cook grasps the ropes and holds on.
It isn't always so easy to stay hopeful.


Patrice Moyon

The Recouvrance; a replica of a schooner from the 19th century.
Sailing it is imperative to step back into the shoes of yesterdays' sailors.

Light and sun, a calm sea. A traditional boat leaves the port to take a trip around the bay to get away from the crowds.

A mixture of sea and sky in the bay of Douarnenez for the Kaskelot pictured here in front of the Recouvrance.

Almost sea-going lorries!! These boats once transported salt, coal or wine in their holds. The Corentin is pictured here in the bay of Douarnenez.

The three masked Kaskelot is pictured here with its fellow- traveller a gaff rigged ketch , the Andrea Jensen.

Taking an early morning trip, it's almost as if this old boat is sailing in a sea of oil.