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The Gathering of Douarnenez 96, a celebration of boats, a celebration of sailors

The port excitedly awaits the colourfull arrivals

These great moments are also available in print between 17 and 20 July.

Thursday, the 18th. Wednesday, the 17th
Thursday, the 18th
Friday, the 19th
Saturday, the 20th
Sunday, the 21th

Just like John Cabot 550 years ago.

Fetching water on board the Matthew. The typical English pronounciation of the French " r " echoes around the bridge.«Please wipe your feet!» the English man says, as he follows you on board with a spongue and rag. This is the only bit of advice, if you can call it that, the visitor will get.
«Welcome aboard!» Right at the end of the Quay at Port Rhu, amongst the quaint, stone houses and the blue hydrangea, the varnished wooden hull soaks up the sun. Still quite new, this boat is not yet scruffy enough. What, then is it missing? Forecful atlantic storms, winter nights and simply the course of time.....Many pleasureable trips around the other side of the world. Patience please boys!! Only a few months to go, and in a year the Matthew is off into the mists of New Foundland to meet John Cabots ghost. On 2nd May 1997, the Matthew will leave Bristol with a crew of 18. Heading West. As did John Cabot five hundred years ago. The seven week crossing commemorates the landing of the famous English captain in the New-World.
« I am lucky to have the summer to make the last few adjustements,» David Alan-Williams, the English captain explains. I now only need to choose the crew. « Only the best of coursere!! »

Phare du Skarweather The last English battle ship, built in Dartmouth in 1947 and disarmed in 1989. The Scarweather gets its name from having fronted the harsh weather conditions for a long time on arriving in Bristol in the south-west of England.Le Skarweather

Stop for the David Lorel cartoons - the mischevious one!! This cutter is based in Brest and is a shipping school for the French National Navy.

«I only receive 10% of my former salary on board the Swan fan Makkum.» Diedrick, once an accountant in Amsterdam has really released the moorings. For him, the only "account" he deals with is that of adventure. 

Jean-Pierre Redelsperger plays the barrel organ with his grandson Gačtan standing by. At 70 this well- reputed former Manager from Alsace plays for the sheer pleasure of it.

Traditional sailing boats anchored at Rhu port in Douarnenez back onto stone houses of Douarnenez.

All day, in the bay of Douarnenez, the parade of boats and the sun continue to compliment each other.

Shaded by old stone walls, the pink or blue hydrangeas are the perfect accompliment to the summer.