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The Gathering of Douarnenez 96, a celebration of boats, a celebration of sailors

The port excitedly awaits the colourfull arrivals

These great moments are also available in print between 17 and 20 July.

Thursday, the 18th. Wednesday, the 17th
Thursday, the 18th
Friday, the 19th
Saturday, the 20th
Sunday, the 21th

The Norden wants to leave with plenty of wine on board.

The head like that of an old sea-dog, hat on his head, the face emerges from the hold. A hand shake and barely a smile are all you get before he sits down at the varnished cabin. A hand strokes the wood; and from under the blonde beard you can detect a smile. Peter Fleck has one passion only : the sea and the Norden. A beautiful sail boat 28 metres long, built in Norway in 1870.
«It is a beautiful boat isn't it»
Today the Norden is used as a pleasure boat, sometimes also for merchandise.«I hope to leave Douarnenez with a boat load of wine. You see, Lübeck used to be an important wine port in Germany. The wine will be drunk in its honor» If the winds drop, there is no risk of throats drying up with such a cargo.

Movements on board the Kaskelot, with its three masks, this little wooden boat measuring 47 metres was made in Denmark in 1948. This boat was first motorised along the coasts of Greenland. In 1983 the Kaskelot was restaured and transformed into a sailing boat.

René Godvliet, from Venhuzen in Holland smokes his own herrings on the harbour quay at Port Rhu. His recipe for a perfect taste is to light the fire with fir and beech wood. You have to be patient for forty five minutes, but are then free to relish the taste indoors or in the open.

A floating room aboard the sea. This is a description from the cabin in front of the HMS Rose, a replica of an English war ship dating back to the 18th century.

The outline of the bow of the HMS Rose. The lion no longer roars amid the waves ensuring that the French sailing ships keep their distance. The ship now takes on board trainees and often travels around Boston to take a look at the Whales.

Sea ballads on the quays at Port-Rhu. It is two voices of a choir from Dunkirk who have come to perform sea ballads.

The Recouvrance under the sun.

The helm of the "Hydrograaf". The boat is anchored in the port of "Rhu" in Douarnenez on its arrival from Brest.