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The Gathering of Douarnenez 96, a celebration of boats, a celebration of sailors

The port excitedly awaits the colourfull arrivals

These great moments are also available in print between 17 and 20 July.

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Perching on the top of a mast at 82 years old !!!

How about that, 82 and at the top of big mast. André de Rocklinge still laughs about it. With his cheaky grin, shaggy beard, and a hair-style from hell, this man looks slightly out of place when you take a look at his bermuda shorts and his deck shoes. We forgive him, however, for everything. 70 years ago, he made his first crossing on the Lehmkuhl as an apprentice.Since then, the three large Norwegian sails have not left his side. "I simply cannot be kept away from the ocean. I need this dream."

Being deprived of the air of the open sea would be absolutely suffocating.
It doesn't matter if bitter, long winter mornings in the misty North cause the boat to keel, the sea gives you back your youth. He only needs to step onto the deck, and he is a young sailor all over again.
Glancing at the port, white or red, the sails keep everything hidden. From the heavy stems of sardine fishing boats to the elegant outlines of schooners, it is true that everything that sails past has tasted the sea. "It's an incredibility really, and when I think that the festival is going to continue over there in Douarnenez, well.....". Travelling at five knots, the boat sails comfortably along, sails akimbo. In a few minutes the Lehmkuhl will be crossing the "tas de pois" closing Brest's harbour.
The sun begins to heat up on the bridge. Above our heads, the sea sways in the yard. A song begins among the top-sails : "Car faut pas tomber du mat d'artimon."
Whether a beginner or a professional everyone here goes to sea for the sheer pleasure of it, taking in their stride the two extremes : raging storms or burning Breton sun! People are spotted sleeping in hamacs on the bridge."As I used to do."

AND they're on their way!!!

More than 2000 boats left Brest and reached Douarnenez in perfect time.

With its' three norwegian masts, The Lehmkuhl plays host every year to young people interested in sailing, who hoister the sails and sleep in hamacs.

The wind and sun followed the sailors all the way to the old port of Douarnenez from Brest.

Heavy stems or elegant outlines : every type of sailing boat participated in the trip from Brest to Douarnenez. The sails are hoisted - Britanny rejoices.

Between Brest and Douarnenez, an old sailing boat prepares itself after Lehmkuhl for the trip to Douarnenez.

With its' three, square norwegian masts, the Christian Radich arrives in Douarnenez in full sail to continue the celebration of the old sailing boats.

A chinese junk, called La Dame de Canton sits under the breton sun. This boat originates in China, but today she resides along the Seine, acting as restaurant and concert hall.