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Trémalo chapel was built in Pont-Aven in the 16th century. Above the porch, on the west gable a sculpted angel can be seen, holding the chapel founders’ coat of arms, which is also represented at the south extremity of the chevet by a sculpted granite lion holding a shield between its paws. The chapel was probably consecrated in 1558.

Trémalo chapel

The inside of the chapel

The chapel is made of a nave and two aisles. It is divided into six bays with gothic arches. On the vaults and beams heads representing the seven deadly sins have been sculpted. The stained glass windows were restored in 1957.

Their characters evoke the owners of the chapel. Three wooden altars have remained in the chapel. On the left hand side of the main one there are two statues, one of the Virgin-and-child, another one of the Lady of Trémalo and on the right hand side there is a statue of Saint-Etienne carrying stones in his gown. The altar on the right is dominated by a niche containing a statue of Saint-Ann and the Virgin, on its left hand side a statue of Saint-Madeleine and on its right hand side one of Saint-Leger. Statues of Saint-Corentin and Saint-Laurent border the altar on the left.

Gauguin and the chapel

The wooden crucifix

Trémalo chapel is famous because of the polychromic wooden crucifix sculpted in the 17th century, Gauguin represented in several paintings. Le Christ Jaune for instance is centred round that crucifix. Gauguin loved Breton art a lot for its authenticity and the deep faith it revealed.

For a long time Trémalo chapel and its statues were the aim of many a pilgrimage and nowadays a lot of people still go and pray there on the last Sunday of July.

Trémalo chapel

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The chapel is open from morning to dusk.


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