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It is in the shape of a latin cross. Its nave has two aisles. The transept is separated from the nave by an arch. The choir has a flat apse. The porch is meridional. The church is 23 meters long, and above the nave, the vaults are 7 meters high.

The nave was reconstructed in 1843 in a Roman fashion : low walls and small windows contribute in giving the church the darkness which characterizes the 19th century religious austerity.

The bell-tower built in 1726-1727 and restored in 1930 is made of a first gallery, of the bell-room, of a second gallery and of an octogonal spire. The bell-tower is 5 or 6 meters lower than it used to be because it was more than once knocked down by thunder and rebuilt with beautiful stones only.

South of the church
South of the church

Detail from the pulpit
Detail from the pulpit, sculpted by François Caujan

The choir and the transept were made in the 16th century. The equilateral vaults as well as the high leaded glass windows are characteristic of gothic art.

South of the choir there is the vestry, rebuilt in 1930. The church and its enclosure have been scheduled as a place of historic interest since February 21st 1944.

For any further information, please contact :

Mairie de Tourc’h
1 place Guillaume Guéguen
29140 - Tourc’h
Tel : (33) (0)2 98 59 12 51
Fax : (33) (0)2 98 59 70 78

The church is usually closed but the key can be found at the city hall.


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