Mills - Tourc'h mill

The Mill on the river, or Meil Rier already existed before 1689 : a deed authenticated by a notary on August 23rd 1689 can still be examined in Quimper Record Office.

The Mill on the River : the highest part
The Mill on the River : the highest part

The Mill on the river was part of the River Manor which already existed in 1481. It then belonged to Jéhan de La Rivière, the only nobleman at that time on the parish of Tourc’h.

The Mill on the River was in activity until the 1970s, and its originality was due to the fact it used two different mechanical systems at the same time : on the one hand two bucket-wheels, on the other hand two spoon-wheels, which was a rarity.

The mill which stopped being used in 1970 and which was seriously deteriorated has just been restored by its present owners Mr and Mrs Comi, who bought it in 1982, and who have furnished it with old traditional Breton pieces of furniture from the antique shop they also run.

The mill can be seen working the way it worked in the old times. Visits are possible for individuals as well as for groups.

For any further information, please contact :

Mr & Mrs Comi
Tel : (33) (0)2 98 59 34 81


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