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The general aspect of the church

The church whose construction probably started at the very beginning of the 15th century was completed in the 1450s.

It is 36 meters long and 16 meters wide. It faces west. It looks harmonious and beautiful despite the fact the spire has tumbled down. Its front impresses the visitor because it is so squat, so important with Penity gable in its prolongation.

Locronan church

A large flight of steps leads to the main porch with its gaping basket handle arch. The inside of the porch is beamed with ribs whose keystone bears Brittany’s coat of arms. In the walls, the niches are empty and adorned with trefle patterns.

The inside of the church

Saint Ronan’s tomb can be seen in the Penity. The statue of the saint in his pontifical attire lies on the tombstone held up by six pilasters. The saint’s head with its mitre on rests on a cushion held by two angels.

He has his bishop’s crook in hand and treads on an animal with a mane and Brittany’s coat of arms squeezed in its claws, a symbol of paganism which the hermit vanquished.

Saint Ronan

The visitor’s attention is also attracted by the 1707 magnificent pulpit adorned by nine medaillions illustrating the different stages of Saint Ronan’s life. The splendid altar was made in 1645 by Maurice Leroux. The main stained glass window shows 17 stages from the Christ’s Passion.

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