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It was built in the 17th century mainly, on the spot where Saint Édern was buried after he had lived as a hermit near the chapel. It is surrounded by an ossuary, a calvary and a cemetary.


The ossuary looks like a chapel with angels’ heads, skulls and bone-crosses alternatively, above its windows.

The calvary was erected in the cemetary in the 17th century. Saint Édern is represented riding a deer, on the calvary cross piece.

Saint Edern

Saint Édern

Saint Édern came from Wales and settled in Lannédern where he built his hermitage.

His legend inspired a Gwerz (a Breton song) which explains why he became a saint and why he is always represented with a deer.

Saint Edern

A gentleman was hunting ;
An animal pursued by his hounds
Came into the saint’s house
As if looking for shelter and protection.
It was a deer ;
When it saw Saint Édern, it bowed down
Before him to beg being allowed there
And from that moment on
That deer remained in Édern surroundings.
It grazed all day long
And came back home every night.
The gentleman was surprised
When he discovered such a marvel ;
And so Édern had to tell him about
God’s power and goodness.
The gentleman who knew nothing of that kind
Bowed to the man
And begged him to ask God to forgive him.

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The church is closed. The key can be found at the city hall.


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