Chapels - Kerdevot chapel

Kerdevot chapel

The chapel surrounded by a close was built to thank the Blessed Virgin for having put an end to the plague which decimated the people of Quimper and Elliant at the end of the 15th century.

Its magnificent 16th century altar piece is made of polychromic wood and associates the Flemish style to the Breton style.

16th century altar piece

Concerts often take place in that chapel in August on the occasion of Quimper Festival of Music.

For any further information, please contact :

Mairie d’Érgué-Gabéric
Place de l’église
29500 - Érgué-Gabéric
Tel : (33) (0)2 98 82 85 85
Fax : (33) (0)2 98 82 85 99

The chapel is usually closed but the key can be found at the city hall.

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