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THE CHURCH : Gothic style (14th - 16th c.).

THE MAIN PORTAL is made of a double basket-handle-door.

Saint-Herbot's church

ON THE NORTH SIDE, stairs lead to a 14th century door.

THE SOUTH PORCH is adorned with 15th century statues of the apostles.

THE CALVARY was made in 1571.

THE INSIDE OF THE CHURCH is magnificent (sculpted panels from the 16th century, stone-tables where farmers deposited their offerings, and moreover a splendid stained glass window made in 1566 and which represents the Christ’s Passion).

The saint and his legend

Saint-Herbot lived in Berrien in the 8th century.

The local women anathematized him because in their opinion he prevented men from sowing and from cropping. They ill-treated him. So, he got angry and called down curses over the village.

He left it and settled in the place which bears his name today.

He asked for a yoke of oxen but since he could not get them he also cursed all oxen, making them unable to work.


Then he went to Rusquec where a man gave him a yoke of white oxen. When the saint died they remained near his house and all villagers could use them to plough, provided that they took them back before dawn.

One day a farmer did not take them back on time and since that day on they have never been seen again, but some people pretend they have heard them mooing near the church in a supernatural way.

Saint-Herbot loved cows, oxen, calves and heifers. He was considered one of the richest saints in Brittany : people gave him all sorts of offerings such as a lot of money but also cowtails.

The saint is celebrated on June 17th.

The pilgrimage

Saint Herbot became the patron saint of all cattle and some ten chapels were dedicated to him. Saint-Herbot pilgrimage was very important : it took place on the first Friday after Pentecost and the pilgrims came from all the region.

With their animals they walked round the chapel and then they had their cattle consecrated.

1998 : the « cathedral in the woods » celebrated its 500th anniversary

The association Tro war dro Sant Herbod (everything about Saint-Herbot) created by Marie-Josée Le Guillou, decided that the celebration would be sumptuous.

So, in addition to the festivities which took place on July 4th and July 5th (excursions, concerts, music, dance, exhibitions, mass) two exhibitions were organized in the church from July 4th to July 11th : Saint-Herbot’s and its architecture by Louis Le Ster and Robert Tavennec, the local vicar and A history of the church by Camille Clec’h. And as a conclusion a lecture was delivered by Donatien Laurent and Bernard Tanguy, two professors at the university of West Brittany ; the title of that lecture was The myths and legends which gave birth to Saint-Herbot’s church.

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The church is usually closed. The key is at the city hall.


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