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mmm est la multi messagerie mensuelle du réseau d'artistes cARTed.
Contact : Pascal Pithois - 16 avenue de Normandie - 50130 Octeville - France

The cARTed project, created in 1993 by Pascal Pithois and Hervé Leforestier, involves gathering artists by groups of 18 in order to publish postcards cooperatively.

Amiably branching outward, cARTed comprises a network of artists from different fields (poetry, performance, graphism, photography, installation, video, painting, new tech, sculpture, dance, music, cinema, attitude, ...).

The goal is to multiply exchanges in the network by organizing encounters so that participants and other artists can meet, and by the monthly diffusion of a postal message service (MMM) in which everybody can take part.

At present, 700 cards have been published, created by 450 artists among the 1900 of the network. cARTed thereby records the passing of hundreds of images of contemporary creation, makes it easier for artists to share their work and, series after series, builds bridges between fields and regions.

If cARTed represents a very solid network of artists in France, its vocation is to be nomadic and cosmopolitan. Through friendly relations which already unite us with many artists in other countries, cARTed is developping in Europe and beyond. In this spirit we invite you to discover this adventure. If you'd like, you are quite welcome onto the cARTed Picture Show.

With Pascal Drac et Hervé Odac
(untranslatable french joke ... sorry !)

Le pire est toujours à venir

Toute ressemblance avec les responsables d'une Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles ou d'un Office Départemental d'Action Culturelle serait purement fortuite.

- Drac : "Avec les oeuvres de cet artiste, on a à faire à un véritable magicien."
- Odac : "Mais tu mens, Drac !"

So long !

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