Max Jacob in Quimper today - Picasso and Max Jacob exhibition

The exhibition took place from the 22nd of june to the 4th of september 1994, and celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Max Jacob’s death. It was organized by Quimper Museum of Arts, The National Museums, and Paris Museum of Picasso. This celebration was very important.

The exhibition displayed 75 paintings drawings gouaches and sculptures by Picasso‚ 75 gouaches and drawings by Max Jacob‚ 200 documents (original editions‚ manuscripts‚ letters and photographies) which mentioned the memorable facts of Picasso’s and Max Jacob’s friendship (in 1901).

Max Jacob was the privileged witness of Picasso’s creative work. This young painter never stopped encouraging the young poet : they met several times. At Picasso’s first Paris exhibition at Vollard’s residence in 1901 ; in Montmartre during the « Bateau-Lavoir years » (1904-1909) ; at the « Demoiselles d´Avignon » genese which the poet daily witnessed ; in Céret where they shared the same lodgings, for Max Jacob’s baptism on which occasion Picasso was the god-father (1915). Max Jacob was the witness of Picasso’s marriage in 1918, and some of Max Jacob’s books were illustrated by Picasso : Saint Matorel, Le Siège de Jérusalem, Le Cornet à dés, Le Phanérogame, La Défense de Tartufe, and Les Chroniques Heroïques.

Documents and works came from various museums, libraries and private collections in France, and also from America and other various European countries.

The Quimper Museum of Arts
The Quimper Museum of Arts