Max Jacob in Quimper
in Quimper  

Realization of the files : 1ère L 2 et ES 3 (Lycée Brizeux from Quimper).

HTML programming : Nicolas Gonidec (1ère L 2 in 97-98), with the assistance of Yannick Hallé (1ère S 6 in 97-98).

Collaborating teachers : Renée Cubières, Georges Pennaneac’h, Pierre Tronche.

Technical, artistic, and cultural collaboration : Mr Cariou, Mrs Coïc, Mr Gilcart, Mr Kergourlay, Mr Meur, Mrs Pennaneac’h, Mr Pineau.

We are grateful to Mr Bernard Poignant, the mayor of Quimper, for his kind and his efficient support.

The Jacobs’ saga

Max Jacob praises Quimper

 A meeting point
 The Quimper dear to Max Jacob
 His native house

Bouchaballe’s plot of land

 Couchouren’s will
 Max Jacob’s two works

Max Jacob and the people from Quimper

 His childhood
 Life in Paris
 An ambivalent relationship

Quimper celebrates Max Jacob

 House, footbridge, bridge
 Stained glass window, theatre

Max Jacob in Quimper today

 Picasso and Max Jacob exhibition
 Max and music
 Stamp collecting

Town Library

 General information
 Max Jacob and his inheritors (1)
 Max Jacob and his inheritors (2)
 Books by Max Jacob (town library)
 Books about Max Jacob (town library)

Museum of Fine Arts


Sources and acknowledgements

Redaction and programming

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