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Quimper Town Library
9, place Toul al Laer
29000 Quimper

Phone : (33) (0)
Fax : (33) (0)

Open from Tuesday to Saturday
No annual closing

Loan register - Quimper Town Library

The town library owns more than 200 000 books among which 100 000 can be consulted or borrowed freely. The patrimonial stock which can be consulted in the library consists of nearly 12 000 books – and among them 13 incunables – written before 1811, 150 manuscripts as well as plans, engravings, postcards and photos.
The local stock (or Breton stock) is a collection of more than 16 000 books, ancient or modern, all of them dedicated to Brittany.

The library offers different systems : loans to private individuals, books not to be taken away, loans to collectivities. The service is entirely computerized out for the patrimonial stock. Manuscripts, incunables, books belonging to the reserve, can be consulted on presentation of an identity card and a certificate of research.

Loan register - Quimper Town Library

Loan register - Quimper Town Library