La place Terre au Duc (The square Land of Duke)

version française

In the medieval period this square belonged to the Duke of Cornwall (Cornouaille) and not to the bishop. It was a long time ago a wealthy district of well-off merchants, and metal craftsmen but also lawyers, doctors and surgeons. In the XVIIIth century several inns were located there.

Central block : buildings of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. The side in pieces of wood of these houses is distorted due to a default in the building. An other side in freestones shows nice classical dormer windows. On the Steir side, houses from the XVIIth with indented scenery and strong corbelled overhanging the river. From those houses a private access allows to rejoin the river by a drowned staircase with high steps.

A network of streets and alleys linked this square to the square Saint Mathieu occupied by the church of the same name and its graveyard: rue du Chapeau Rouge (old rue des Febvres), rue Saint Mathieu (old rue des Rossignols), rue Laennec (old rue de la Vieille Cohue).