La rue du Sallé (The street of Salted)

version française

Also called street of the Chair Salée (Salted Flesh), it was in the medieval period , the street of the guild of "lardiers, saulcissiers, chaircuictiers" (bacon , sausage, pork sellers).

In the middle of the street, at the number 10, a coloured gable from the XVIth century is impressive by its volume , the wealth of its scenery and its fantasy. Illusion of the symmetry coming from the free adaptation of a rigorous building scheme belonging to the medieval type. Old hotel du Mahant, called from "Minuellou",opulent house with shop and housing for the servants in the roof timbers. It is possible to see the joists building an overhang supported by consoles with Renaissance ring scenery. Nice restoration from an house which was nearly in ruins in 1965, now the facade is listed.