A few samples of Breton music.

version française

Extracts from the CD BAGAD KEMPER, THE BEST OF, published and distributed by :
Keltia Musique
1 Place au Beurre
29000 Quimper - France
Tel : 33 98 95 45 82
Fax : 33 98 95 73 19
The breton bagad is an instrumental ensemble gathering binious "braz" (very close to the scottish highland bagpipe), bombardes (breton instrument from the family of hautboy), and drumbeat. The Kemper bagad is one of the best in Brittany and has the record for the number of titles won in national championships at Lorient.

Technique : sampling with 8 bits, mono, 11Khz. The resulting quality is middle, but files have a reasonable size. Files have also been converted from the .wav to the .au format , this adds a low distortion to the sound. Only the CD gives back the great musical quality of the Kemper bagad and the talent of its musicians.

Extract from the BAGAD KEMPER (march) [336K]
Extract from BREIZ (Traditional melody) [309K]
Extract from EVIT MONT D'AN ILIZ (Traditionnal march) [323K]
Extract from GAVOTTEN GIZ FOEN(Traditional Dance of south Cornwall) [338K]
Extract from LAERADEG (Traditionnal) [527K]
Extract from SONIRI TAMBOULIN (Call from drumbeat) [449K]
Extract from TONIOU DEUZ BRO IVERZON HA BRO SKOZ (Traditional airs from Ireland and Scotland) [324K]

A few shorts excerpts of traditional airs, palyed on the penny whistle.

Traditional 1[73K]
Traditional 2[179K]