René Madec (1736-1784)

version française

René Madec is one of the inhabitant of Quimper with one of the most very extraordinary existence. He was born in 1736 on the square Terre au Duc. At twelve years, he embarked as ship's boy on a boat from Lorient heading for the Dominican Republic From there, he finds an embarkation for Pondichéry, French trading post in India. René Madec lived here about twenty five years, sometimes french corsair, sometimes british corsair. He becomes soldier with Dupleix, sergeant with Lally Tollendal. After he serves the Grand Mogol, who gives him the title from Nabob, reserved to the highest dignitaries of the sultan 's court. He becomes King from Dekkan, defender of the Indies for the King of France and he accumulates very important wealth.

He comes back to France in 1779, the King appoints him Colonel and names him Chevalier de Saint Louis. He then settles in Quimper, at the number 5 of the street which nowadays is so named, not far from his birth-house. He lives a fabulous life until he badly comes off horse, he dies soon after. He is buried in the graveyard of Penhars.